Finding Purpose When Life Doesn't Make Sense

You thought you knew God's will. Then life went in an opposite direction. That detour causes some to walk away from God. Others, like Joseph, draw near. And that choice can make the difference between disappointment and destiny.


The news is bad, times are tough, and an 8 year old has taken the throne. Judah's young king, Josiah, inherited tough times from the generations before him, and God worked through him to make sweeping changes for good in his nation. If Josiah were living today, we would call him a millennial


The Choices That Change Your Life Forever

Moments of decision. Your life is full of them, and how you respond can have lifelong impact. The decision process can be as intense as a crucible - a vessel in a refining fire, a place where precious substances are tested, purified, and strengthened.

That's a picture of the process God uses in our lives. When the heat is on, what decisions will we make? What kind of character rises to the surface?


God chose Mary for a reason, and she experienced both the promise and pain of His purposes. He has chosen you too, and you will need to know how to navigate the path He has given you. Chosen will help you grow in your understanding of what it means to be blessed, strengthened, and guided every step of the way.

Biblical Portrait Marriage

God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman, for better, for worse, for life. A marriage is a relationship, a partnership, a companionship, designed and created by God. But marriages are not without problems. God wants the partnership of your marriage to be the solution to your problems.

In A Biblical Portrait of Marriage, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson outlines six partnership principles and six problem-solving strategies -- enough to move any marriage from bland to grand!

Raise Up A Child

Have you noticed that your child didn't come with an instruction manual? That no one required you to pass a course before you could become a parent? That out of all the parents you've known that could mentor you, none were perfect? Who can you turn to for help?

Join us on an exciting adventure as we follow the "heavenly GPS" that can help us navigate through the pitfalls and perils of parenting. In Raise up a Child, Phil Tuttle, president of Walk Thru the Bible, will guide you back to the heart of parenting through four easy to remember parenting scenarios. Choices - Consequences - Compassion - Consistency

Personal holiness -In Times of Temptation

It's getting tougher every day! From the television to the newsstand to the internet, today's Christian is constantly pressured to give up his standards. Give in to temptation. Become morally impure.

And yet, nothing in our walk with God is more important or rewarding than personal holiness. In four sessions, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson explains why holiness is not all up to God, it's also up to us. It's our job to flee temptation, and learn to live a life of sexual and moral victory. Fortunately, the Scriptures are full of practical advice on how to do just that.