ICM Ghana is the national office of the International Christian Ministries with member offices in other Africa countries and in the USA, Canada, Europe (Germany).

ICM started in Kenya in by 1986 Dr. Phillip Walker and Dr. Myron Goodwin. Initially ICM provided teaching seminars at the secondary level as well as missions training courses for a number of expatriates. By 1988 the focus of ICM’s activity was narrowed to providing theological training for pastors and church leaders, particularly from African non-traditional denominations.

In 1990 ICM became the East Africa representative for Walk Thru the Bible and started training seminar instructors and offering Old and New Testament Seminars to churches and schools, as well as courses in teaching and leadership development. And consequently with Purpose Driven Ministries, EQUIP across the continent.

The Ghana office started in August 2005 a year after the Million Leaders Mandate Volume 1 was launched in Ghana by Rev. Philip Kofi Tutu and the wife Janet. In these five years period ICM Ghana has reached over 10,000 Pastors, Business Leaders, Church workers and Institutions with Leadership, Church Growth, Discipleship and Relationship teaching materials, and we are growing.


ICM Ghana (Center for Church & Leadership Development) is a Christian Leadership training organisation. We work in partnership with like minded Christian Ministries to train church leaders.


ICM Ghana exists to serve the Church by discipling and equipping its leaders.


To see a Mature African Church, leading the Global Church to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. (This is a call of urgency considering the times we live in).



In fulfilling our Mandate and Vision in Ghana and beyond, we work in partnership with recognized ministries and teachers to provide resources and materials for discipleship and leadership. ICM Ghana operates on a three-tier plan:

TEACHING: Presenting the truths of the Scripture on a non-bias balanced doctrinal form. We use live Seminars, Conferences and Video-based teaching to equip God’s people to fulfill their calling in our generation.

TRAINING: We organize Regional and District denominational training throughout the year to equip the church and its leaders to make them more effective. Our training positions your leadership team to see the Church differently, members to serve as scripture calls on them to do.

TOOLS: We produce top-level discipleship teaching materials to support the ministries of the Church. These materials are in workbook format for large and small group teaching. They are also available on DVD & Audio.